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jennifer and anthony | new hampshire wedding | international wedding photographer

alabaster skin. fire red hair. white lace dress. jennifer was stunning. greeting me at her parents door on the morning of her wedding, pre make-up but still gorgeous, jenn’s eyes danced as we squealed together. yes, we squealed. not only have i know jenn since she was barely a teenager, and not only has she...

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relax | vancouver wedding photographer enjoying the dark

can i just say how wonderful it is to be in new hampshire right now. if you need to relax come to this state. you really don’t have a choice when you are here. nothing is open past 4:30pm. when the sun goes down it literally takes all of the light with it. there is...

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coming home | vancouver wedding photographer

it’s been an amazing twelve days but I am very happy to be returning home tomorrow. i’m looking forward to sharing some personal photos of my trip plus an engagement session, a family portrait session and a beautiful lady in a field of yellow. thanks for following my blog, here’s a sneak peak from my...

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