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peaks and harbours - a vancouver blog for moms

peaks and harbours – a vancouver blog for moms

i found peaks and harbours the same way i find most things… on instagram ;) i stumbled upon bree and carina’s rad blog and i’m so glad that i did. these two professional moms live and work in vancouver and document their adventures of raising their kids, discovering new spots, exploring the wilderness, and art… Continue Reading

weekend away in palm springs

this past weekend i went to palm springs for a retreat with a bunch of inspiring, stunning, ass-kicking, hard-working, life-loving beauties. i can not express just how beautiful it was to spend the weekend discussing life, business, pleasure, and love. we drank poolside, we woke up early for yoga, we ate on rooftops, and danced… Continue Reading

vancouver’s top mommy bloggers

vancouver’s top mommy bloggers

Well that was exciting! Last week I was nominated as one of Vancouver’s Top Mommy Bloggers along with 29 other hard working, creative, dedicated mothers. To be fully honest with you… I really needed that encouragement. I love what I do and I work hard, but man it feels nice to receive a little recognition… Continue Reading

celebrate motherhood

mom. mommy. mum. momsy. momsy-womsy. ma. mama. moeder. ahm. mai. ama. nana. maji. madre. matke. daya. induk. mam. mati. mor. majka. mother. it’s a relationship worth celebrating. it’s a bond worth cherishing. it’s a love worth capturing. so here’s what i want to do. do you have a mother in your life? are you a… Continue Reading

family portrait storybook albums

family portrait storybook albums are flush mounted, lay-flat, matte paged photo albums. they are a stunning way to commemorate and celebrate your beautiful family. these photo covered storybooks start with 30 full spreads, that’s 60 pages of your humans. cuddling. giggling. playing. i love the matte printing and i especially love that when they lay… Continue Reading

a year in review

bellies and babies and raindrops and mountains. cuddles and giggles and swinging and loving. together. moments lived. experiences felt. love given and received. 2014 was a year filled with all of these things. these things that are the reason why i do what i do. i love that my job facilitates moments for families to… Continue Reading

holiday hours

holiday hours

happy holidays friends! i hope you are enjoying some time off, quality time with friends and family, and good food. i am. i’ll be out of the office from december 20th until january 5th. looking forward to the new year! i have so many fantastic plans and ideas but first, i need to cuddle up… Continue Reading

holiday deadlines

holiday deadlines

it’s true, the holiday’s are fast approaching and portraits make a beautiful, personal gift for friends and family! if you are interested in booking a portrait session with me in time for the holidays, please contact me asap! i have very limited dates left between now and christmas. if you’d like product here are the holiday… Continue Reading

vancouver baby and family fair

how do you feel about trade shows? that term kinda turns me off of them… so does the term “fair.” i’m not sure why. but i enjoy them. here’s why in 5 clear points. 1. you know all that research you’ve been doing online? looking at different strollers or researching the best soother… you do… Continue Reading