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camping in beautiful british columbia

camping in beautiful british columbia

It’s happened. We’re what… two weeks in?! Back to school and routine and making lunches and running late and arguments walking through Trout Lake in the rain… Le sigh. Take me back to summer please. I miss camping and dirty feet and the smell of the forest (not the feet) and kids doing dishes. Camping… Continue Reading

one plus one equals ten

A year slips by and then another and before you know it, you’ve been married for ten years. Ten. Whole. Years. Yes, I was 12 when I got married… ;) Babe. I love you more today than I did when we got married. It’s true. Let’s go eat the most delicious meal and drink that… Continue Reading


A couple of days ago I was in Tanzania, Africa. I still don’t have words. I’m blown away. I’m floored. I’m moved and awed and inspired and in love and I could go on but I just said I had no words so I’ll just leave it at that. I will have so many photos… Continue Reading

summer in vancouver

As you read this post I’m journeying back home from an overwhelmingly unreal trip in Africa. I’ve always wanted to visit this continent, which I know is an incredible broad statement, but I never really knew exactly which country, I just knew I had to get over here. When the opportunity presented itself to travel… Continue Reading

my daughter’s father

my daughter’s father is also the love of my life. he’s my closest friend. my companion. my support. my daughter’s father is a beautiful dad but he’s also a beautiful husband. he’s shown me what the love of a father looks like. he’s shown me what it means to be treasured, protected, and respected. and… Continue Reading

a little throwback thursday

I found this gem while going through old images. Let it fully load and watch if you’d like to brighten up your day a little bit ;)   Filmed at home one fine morning in 2012 before heading out to preschool. My baby girl has always brought the sunshine when I need it most. Also… Continue Reading

vancouver’s top mommy bloggers

vancouver’s top mommy bloggers

Well that was exciting! Last week I was nominated as one of Vancouver’s Top Mommy Bloggers along with 29 other hard working, creative, dedicated mothers. To be fully honest with you… I really needed that encouragement. I love what I do and I work hard, but man it feels nice to receive a little recognition… Continue Reading

why i bring my daughter to work… occasionally

i’m working on a portrait project with a friend that takes us into the woods once a month. i’ve started bringing my daughter with me on these little trips for a couple of reasons. • mostly i want to spend more time with her. between me running a small business and all of the activities… Continue Reading

favourite family vacation destination

when i first started this blog i would share a lot of personal images and lately, i haven’t been sharing as many. i want to change that. i love taking portraits of the humans i love and recently we took a very short trip to long beach in washington with our good friends. it was… Continue Reading