summer in vancouver

As you read this post I’m journeying back home from an overwhelmingly unreal trip in Africa. I’ve always wanted to visit this continent, which I know is an incredible broad statement, but I never really knew exactly which country, I just knew I had to get over here. When the opportunity presented itself to travel to Tanzania I was floored and so excited. I can not wait to share with you the images that I have created over the two weeks that I got to spend in this country with some absolutely amazing humans, but for now I’m reminded that every time I travel, no matter how much I love the places I visited, I always look forward to going home. It could be because I live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. It could be because summer in Vancouver is one of the best times to be there. But mostly, it’s because I get to spend summer in Vancouver with my loves. Can not wait to kiss those cheeks!



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